2015 CIBJO Congress closes, with board decision on guidance relating to grading labs

Meeting for the first time in formal session after the close of the 2015 CIBJO Congress in Salvador, Brazil, CIBJO’s new Board of Directors has decided to draft practical guidance, based on CIBJO Blue Book recommendations, for the trade and especially retailers, on the standards and systems that should be expected from grading laboratories.


Impact of technology for manufacturers and retailers outlined at CIBJO Sector B and C meeting

Embrace technology or expect to see your competitors take business away from you, was the message from Sector C Executive Vice President Simon Rainer at the Sector B and C gathering.


Sector A meeting debates whether ‘modified’ is a more accurate term than ‘altered’

The meeting of CIBJO’s Sector A, which deals with gem materials in the jewellery sector, discussed at length issues relating to the term “altered,” and whether its should be changed to “modified” in the Blue Books.


Diamond Commission debates issues related to grading ethics

The Diamond Commission held a lengthy debate relating to issues that were addressed in the Grading and Laboratory Ethics Special Session on Monday. The meeting, which was chaired by Diamond Commission President Udi Sheintal, discussed the three main themes that emerged from that gathering which suggested using CIBJO as an auditing body for labs, creating a guidance book by CIBJO on grading, and a program to educate the trade and ultimately retailers, on how to assess a lab report.


CAENCOM Commission hears detailed report on Brazil as market

Meeting at the 2015 CIBJO Congress, the organisation’s CAENCOM Commission, which serves as a network for executives of industry organisations, was presented with a briefing about the Brazilian jewellery sector by Clarissa Maciel, International Affairs Manager for IBGM, the Brazilian industry association that is hosting the congress this year.


Commission debates different format for Coral Blue Book

Meeting for the second time in formal session, CIBJO’s Coral Commission, which debuted in 2014, presented its proposal for a new Blue Book. The document was reviewed by the Coral Commission President, Enzo Liverino.