(A Associação Bahiana dos Produtores e Comerciantes de Gemas, Jóias, Metais Preciosos Afins, or the  Bahian Association of Producers and Dealers of Gemstones, Jewellery, Precious Metals and Related Materials) was founded in 1988 in Salvador, in the Brazilian State of Bahia.

The organisation gathers under its roof companies and individuals who work in gemstone prospecting, mining and manufacturing, jewellery designers, manufacturers and traders, as well as companies offering specialised services to the jewellery, precious metals and mineral sectors.

Progemas' mission is to represent and advance the interests of the gem and jewellery trade in the State of Bahia.

The organisation is based in Salvador’s historical centre, at Ladeira do Carmo, 37 - Santo Antonio, where there is also a gem lab, which issues certificates to Progemas members, as well as to the public. There are also classrooms for courses in jewellery design, jewellery manufacturing basics and gem faceting. The facility includes an auditorium for lectures and meeting rooms.

Its current president is Karina Sena, who was elected during  2012. During her term in office,  she has bought the CIBJO Congress to Bahia, and also lobbied successfully to maintain the ICMS tax (a state levee) at 4.25 percent, compared to an average of 27 percent in the other states of Brazil.